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Here to Support our Clients and their Teams

During the challenging times COVID-19 has presented us with, here at JMW-Ltd we continue to work closely with our clients and their family members to reassure and support them through these uncertain times.

Stuart Saunders is our resident COVID Champion, on hand to assist with the many queries that arise due to the ever-changing guidelines and announcements made that often can be confusing and cause further anxiety.

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Washing your hands to remove germs helps prevent infection as people frequently touch their eyes, nose and mouth without realising.  We have provided you with a "how to" guide to washing your hands - click on the  button above.

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Wearing PPE can make us feel anxious.  During this period, we have worked with our clients, their staff and Associates to assist in finding suitable PPE along with guidelines on how to put on and remove such items.

Click on the button above to take you to JMW-Ltd guidelines.


Here to help

We have developed a variety of guidelines to share with clients, their families and fellow professionals involved with our clients, to assist with the management of information that is currently being delivered through news and media.

The link above will take you to our Policy, please feel free to get in touch for further information should you require.

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